Smart Watch Answer/Make Calls, 1.85" Smart Watches for Women and Men - Review


Welcome to my in-depth and comprehensive review of the Smart Watch Answer/Make Calls by Nerunsa. This stylish and functional smartwatch is designed for women and is packed with features that make it a must-have accessory for anyone looking to stay connected and monitor their health. With the ability to answer and make calls, receive message notifications, and track health indicators like SpO2 and heart rate, this smartwatch is a game-changer. Join me as I dive into the details of this incredible device and explore its many features and benefits.

Product Description

The Smart Watch Answer/Make Calls by Nerunsa is a stylish and functional smartwatch designed specifically for women. With its sleek and elegant design in Gold Pink color, it is the perfect accessory to complement any outfit.

One of the standout features of this smartwatch is its ability to answer and make calls directly from your wrist. With a built-in microphone and speaker, you can conveniently make and answer calls without having to reach for your phone. This is especially useful during workouts or when your phone is not easily accessible. Additionally, the watch also provides real-time notifications for calls, SMS, email, and popular social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This ensures that you never miss an important message or notification.

The Smart Watch Answer/Make Calls also excels in health monitoring. It boasts advanced sensor technology that continuously measures SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation), heart rate, and sleep patterns. The sensor chip and photoelectric sensor work together to provide accurate and reliable data. The watch even features an automatic sleep tracker that analyzes sleep quality by distinguishing between deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-up time. This comprehensive health monitoring feature allows users to gain valuable insights into their overall well-being and develop healthy sleeping habits.

With its 1.85-inch screen size, the display is clear and easy to read. The watch is compatible with smartphones via Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with your device. It is also IP7 waterproof, making it suitable for daily activities and even swimming.

Included in the package are the smartwatch with call function, a charging cable, and a user manual for easy setup and usage.

In summary, the Smart Watch Answer/Make Calls by Nerunsa is a versatile and stylish smartwatch that combines convenience, health monitoring, and functionality. Its ability to answer and make calls, along with its comprehensive health monitoring features, make it a valuable accessory for women seeking to stay connected and prioritize their well-being.

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Pros and Cons

When it comes to smartwatches, the Nerunsa Smart Watch is definitely a standout option in the market. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities that cater to the specific needs of women. However, like any other product, it also has its own pros and cons. Let's take a closer look at what makes this smartwatch a great choice, as well as some aspects that may not be as favorable.


  1. Affordable Price: One of the standout features of the Nerunsa Smart Watch is its incredibly affordable price point. Priced at just £29.99, this smartwatch offers exceptional value for money. You get a wide range of features and functionalities that are usually found in higher-end smartwatches, but without the hefty price tag.

  2. Comprehensive Fitness Tracking: This smartwatch is equipped with a variety of fitness tracking features that can help you monitor your health and wellness. It tracks your steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, and even provides a sedentary reminder to encourage you to stay active throughout the day. With 112 sport modes, it is suitable for various activities, including basketball.

  3. Sleek Design: The Nerunsa Smart Watch features a sleek and stylish design that is perfect for women. With its gold pink color and a 1.85-inch screen, it adds a touch of elegance to your wrist. The watch face is customizable, allowing you to personalize it to your liking and match your style.


  1. Limited Compatibility: This smartwatch is only compatible with smartphones, which means it may not be suitable for those who use other devices such as tablets or laptops. It requires a Bluetooth connection to sync with your phone and access its features.

  2. Waterproof, But Not Swim-Proof: While the Nerunsa Smart Watch is rated as IP7 waterproof, it is important to note that it is not swim-proof. While it can handle splashes and rain, it is not recommended to wear it while swimming or submerging it in water for extended periods.

  3. Limited Brand Recognition: Unlike popular smartwatch brands like Apple or Samsung, Nerunsa may not be as well-known in the market. Some users may prefer to stick with more established brands when it comes to wearable technology.

Overall, the Nerunsa Smart Watch offers a great combination of affordability, functionality, and style. It is an excellent choice for women who are looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch that can help them track their fitness goals and stay connected on the go.

Customer Reviews

With an impressive overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 2048 customer ratings, the Smart Watch by Nerunsa has certainly caught the attention of many satisfied customers. Let's take a closer look at what customers have to say about this affordable yet feature-packed smartwatch.

  • Quote customer review 1 and mention the rating. "I can't believe how good this Nerunsa Smart Watch is. Got it on Black Friday deal and well worth it for such a cheap price too. I wanted a large smart w..." (5 stars)

  • Quote customer review 2 and mention the rating. "The watch is lovely and feels very sturdy! Holds its charge very well. Colour and size are perfect 🤩 Great product, easy to use and great value for money!" (5 stars)

  • Quote customer review 3 and mention the rating. "Wanted a smart watch but didn’t want to pay hundreds for an Apple Watch. This does everything I need. Tracks steps and heart rate - doesn’t seem to t..." (5 stars)

  • Quote customer review 4 and mention the rating. "Easy to read as you can change display on face to what you like. Linking it to your phone is simple making it possible to use your watch to make and a..." (5 stars)

  • Quote customer review 5 and mention the rating. "Good product, watch face is very easy to see. Watch is also easy to use." (4 stars)

  • Quote customer review 6 and mention the rating. "Easy to set up watch strap very comfortable and it looks great." (5 stars)

The positive customer reviews consistently highlight the ease of use, comfortable strap, and great value for money. Many customers appreciate how the watch tracks steps and heart rate accurately, giving them the information they need to achieve their fitness goals. The ability to customize the watch face and easily link it to their smartphones is also praised by users.

While the majority of customers are highly satisfied with their purchase, one reviewer mentioned that the watch face is very easy to see, but did not elaborate further. Nonetheless, this minor issue did not significantly impact their overall satisfaction with the product.

Overall, the customer reviews reflect a positive sentiment towards the Nerunsa Smart Watch, making it a promising choice for those looking for an affordable and feature-rich smartwatch.


Overall, the Smart Watch Answer/Make Calls by Nerunsa is a feature-rich and affordable smartwatch option for women. With its ability to answer and make calls, along with real-time notifications for messages and social media, this watch ensures that important communication is never missed. It is a great gift option for oneself, family, or friends.

The advanced sensor technology in this smartwatch sets it apart from others in its price range. With continuous monitoring of SpO2, heart rate, and sleep patterns, users can gain valuable insights into their overall well-being. The accurate monitoring provided by the sensor chip and photoelectric sensor ensures reliable data.

The automatic sleep tracker is a standout feature, allowing users to analyze their sleep quality by distinguishing between different sleep stages. This can help develop healthier sleeping habits and improve overall sleep patterns.

Although the Smart Watch Answer/Make Calls has a sleek design and impressive features, the lack of compatibility with devices other than smartphones may limit its user base. Additionally, the sport-specific features are limited to basketball, which may not cater to all fitness enthusiasts.

In conclusion, for women looking for an affordable smartwatch that offers call functionality, real-time notifications, and comprehensive health monitoring, the Smart Watch Answer/Make Calls by Nerunsa is a solid choice. With its attractive design and reliable performance, it provides great value for the price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the main features of the Nerunsa Smart Watch?

A: The Nerunsa Smart Watch is packed with a range of features to enhance your daily life. It has a large 1.85-inch screen, making it easy to read and navigate. It offers a variety of functions such as answering and making calls, tracking your heart rate, monitoring your sleep, and counting your steps and calories. Additionally, it has a sedentary reminder to help you stay active throughout the day. With its 112 sport modes, you can track your performance in various activities, including basketball. The watch is also waterproof, allowing you to wear it while swimming or during rainy workouts. It is compatible with smartphones and connects via Bluetooth for seamless integration.

Q: Is the Nerunsa Smart Watch suitable for women?

A: Yes, the Nerunsa Smart Watch is designed with women in mind. Its elegant gold pink color and sleek design make it a stylish accessory for any outfit. The watch strap is comfortable to wear, and the watch face can be customized to display your preferred information. Whether you are tracking your fitness goals, managing calls, or simply checking the time, this smartwatch is a perfect fit for women who want both functionality and fashion.

Q: Can I use the Nerunsa Smart Watch with my iPhone or Android device?

A: Absolutely! The Nerunsa Smart Watch is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can easily link the watch to your phone and enjoy its features. The watch connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to receive notifications, make calls, and control music playback directly from your wrist. It seamlessly integrates with your smartphone to provide a convenient and efficient user experience.

Q: How long does the battery of the Nerunsa Smart Watch last?

A: The Nerunsa Smart Watch boasts impressive battery life. It holds its charge very well, ensuring that you can use it throughout the day without worrying about running out of power. The exact battery life may vary depending on usage and settings, but with regular use, you can expect the watch to last for several days on a single charge. When the battery does run low, simply use the included charging cable to quickly and easily recharge the watch.

Q: Is the Nerunsa Smart Watch easy to use?

A: Yes, the Nerunsa Smart Watch is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. It features a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to navigate through its various functions effortlessly. The watch face can be customized according to your preferences, making it easy to read and tailored to your needs. Additionally, setting up the watch and linking it to your smartphone is a straightforward process. The user manual provides clear instructions to guide you through the setup and usage of the watch.

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